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Do you enjoy spending time in little space, but then feel guilty about it?

Do you binge buy ABDL stuff and then dispose of it?

Do you feel like you would like to feel 'like a baby' but don't dare to?

Do you spend time regressing but also spend time in your head overthinking about it?

Perhaps you are just looking for some feedback and advice.


You can now come and have a chat with me about it. You could always do this online, but now you can also do it in person, in North Hampshire, direct train line from Waterloo.


I am Miss Mummy. And also a trauma informed mindfulness practitioner with mentoring and coaching experience of many years, mental health first aid and counseling skills.


I will give you emotional support in a confidential environment, supporting you through the struggles and also the joys of adult babies, listen to you without judging and be able to give you well-being tools that can help to guide you through times of emotional stress that so often AB people experience, into a better balanced life.

ABDL support

What it is:

A space for you to feel safe and free of any judgement, where you can open up

A dedicated empathetic listener who really understands ABDL

An experienced coach and mentor with huge experience in education

Support with your emotions on how you feel about being an ABDL person

Receiving self regulation tools

Learn supportive breathing techniques

Support and signposting to other organizations that can help you

Receive tools for you to regulate your mood, well-being and sense of validity

Learn to see your AB desires and how they integrate in your life from a perspective that integrates what matters to you

Support to set short term goals, life objectives, and monitoring

What is not:

Not a substitute for medical or psychiatric advice

Not a substitute for medication or counseling

Not an ABDL play session

Not about dictating what you should be doing

All consultations are by invitation only after a first written exchange, and in some cases, online discovery call. If I feel I am not able to help or that you should be visiting your GP or Mental Health team instead, I will let you know.

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