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What happens If I fall asleep during a session?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Sessions with Miss Mummy can be very playful and contain a lot of movement! We may play a lot, sing together, even dance!

They are also very soothing and relaxing.

There is not a "one way fits all", I do follow the natural rhythm of what your body wants to do, either when you are in a more playful state or when you rather just chill.

And it can happen that at a certain point, you feel so sleepy that you are falling asleep! Some babies I have noticed, tried to fight this, because after all, time that you are sleeping is time you are not "with me" so to say.

But you are with me, even if in your sleep.

However, in principle I am not going to let you sleep for a long time, so you can be consciously enjoying our time together. What do I do then? In the case that you fall asleep, and in case that you have not instructed otherwise, I can let you have a little nap of around 5 to 10 minutes, and then will gently wake you up.

Your session time is for you, it´s dedicated to you and your wants and needs. There is nothing specific you must do or not do, and if you feel like sleeping maybe this is because that is what your body and your mind need in that moment! By allowing it for a little while you can be reaching a deeper level of relaxation and mental relief.

So you don´t need to hold back not to fall asleep, and you can rely on the fact that you will be woken up after a brief nap. This also means that you are really comfortable in my presence and you really trust me, and it is beautiful to see.

Only if you tell me in advance you want to sleep for a longer period, I will now wake you up! the great thing about it: you are being woken up by a sweet voice and with gentle movement, not by a digital alarm! And it make take you to a different mental space when you open your eyes to the sound of my voice.

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