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Ballerina sessions

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a ballerina. There was no way I would allow an adult to take me to a nursery, but I was made a space in the dance class, thanks to my mum having a conversation with the dance studio for which in theory I was too small to join.

And I did not become one, but I always loved dancing, and I still dance for pleasure.

Another pleasure comes when any of my clients ask me for some ballet time within the session. I enjoy delivering some ballet moves and poses, and watching my little one have so much fun and actually have a session that surpassed their expectations in terms of doing some real ballet positions is priceless.

So it's my experience we all have a great time doing this. And it's so good to see that you are allowing this for yourself, under my guidance.

May you all have grace, ease and balance as you move through life.

Miss Mummy


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