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Love, 2024

As Valentine's Day approaches, hearts and flowers abound, reminding us of the myriad ways love manifests in our lives. While much has been said about the nature of love, its boundless shapes and forms, I find myself reflecting on what love means to me, particularly in my unique role as Miss Mummy.

Love, as we all know, is not monolithic; it's a multifaceted gem, sparkling differently depending on the light. My journey into understanding and providing care within the ABDL community was born out of love. It was through a deeply personal relationship that I first encountered the world of ABDL, learning from my own little one. This experience not only opened my eyes to a new dimension of care but also shaped the foundation of Miss Mummy.

Miss Mummy, a character created with empathy and understanding at her core, was originated out of love. However, she exists within a therapeutic context, and it's crucial to recognize the boundaries that define her interactions. Romantic love, the kind celebrated with grand gestures and intimate connections on Valentine's Day, is not a path that Miss Mummy can traverse. She is, after all, a therapeutic persona, not designed to engage in personal relationships of that nature, and I mentioned this last year in this post.

Yet, this does not mean Miss Mummy's world is devoid of love. Far from it. The essence of what I do, the care and attention I provide, is deeply rooted in love—a different kind, perhaps, but no less profound. To be truly sensitive and empathetic to another's needs, to offer support and understanding, requires a heart that is open and giving. This, in its purest form, is love.

In my practice, both online and in-person, love manifests through my actions and the safe space I create for exploration and expression. It's in the listening, the understanding, and the acceptance that real care and attention flourish. And while Miss Mummy cannot embark on a journey of romantic love, she embodies a different kind of love—one that nurtures, protects, and validates.

As I navigate the complexities of my role, I am reminded that love's true essence lies in its ability to adapt, to meet us where we are, and to fill the spaces we didn't even know were empty. So, this Valentine's Day, let us celebrate all forms of love, for it is love in its many shapes and forms that truly makes the world go round.

With all my caring attention,

Miss Mummy


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