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Bespoke ABDL Nursery Care

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Even if I give you my Ts&Cs, I always want to meet you and discuss a lot. Because I don´t have a "one size fits all". I want to know you, I want to see if we are good for each other, and if I can provide the experience you look for, and if I see myself as your carer. If I don´t, I will tell you I won´t do this, and it will be better for both not to engage in it.

Perhaps for you its important to wear your own clothes, or not. Or you want to drink milk, or you have a food allergy. You might want to play a lot of games with me, or not be interested in toys at all. Perhaps you get sexually excited when wearing nappies, and perhaps you don´t get aroused the slightest. I don´t have sex of any kind with you, but I am supportive of however you feel, and I want to know. For every person and every specific situation, I will design what this experience is going to be about.

I can be firm or more gentle, for example, but what I don´t do is humiliating you verbally as a baby or using the diaper as a way of making you feel humiliated. I have nothing against the practice, but is not my niche, as I do offer a kinder and more sensorial experience of connection.

So yes, it´s bespoke regression.


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