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Updated: Sep 15

As a caring Mummy as I am, I tend to prefer delicious home made baby food to supermarket pre cooked baby food. However, there is always the issue of having to cook twice, one for baby and one for Mummy or the rest of the family. I am now going to show you how I make a delicious baby food that is also a stew.

So this is a stew with which you can make the baby food.

You will need

Lean diced beef (I used 400 grams for three portions)

2 medium sized carrots

1 big potato

1 Onion

2 beef stock cubes

Olive Oil

Garlic Powder



You can also add to it a glass of red wine, but can also do without.

First I fry the diced meat in olive oil, but just enough to give it colour on the outside, it would be somehow still quite red inside. I remove it from the pan and put apart.

By then I have already chopped the onion, so I fry it in the remaining oil where I have fried the meat, adding possibly a bit more. When the onion is half done, I add the carrot and potatoes finely chopped, and some salt.

I then add the meat back again, two big glasses of water (or one of water and one of red wine), the meat stock cubes, sprinkle a bit of pepper and a bit of garlic (but careful not do over do this). I cover the pot and leave it around thirty minutes at medium-low fire but I keep visiting it to make sure the proportion of liquid is never too low unless the cooking its coming to its end.

This is the moment in which my house starts to smell.... uuummmmm.... sooo yummy!!!!

When the time comes to turn the fire off (and be flexible with this, as it can be different depending how what do you use to cook, just make sure the potatoes and carrots and soft, there is a nice amount of sauce but not too watery), I separate what is it that the big ones will eat, and what will I give to the little one! I use a hand blender for this.

This is the delicious texture of the stew that the big ones will eat! ummm

And this is the final result of amazing, tasty and healthy baby food. If you happen to be vegetarian you can do it with more vegetables and vegetable stock. This one is quite puree-like, but it can also be made more mushy, depending on how much sauce you grab!

And food is served, and baby is ready to eat it!

Serve it with a fruit juice sippy cup, so you make sure your little one gets all the vitamins!

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