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Mummy asks questions

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Here we have replies as a very honest testimonial that AnonAlec presents us. That's how he won the last Task of the Week challenge. Congratulations, and here is the text, with his permission.

What is your favorite thing that you would like to do with Mummy?

Playtime, cuddling, and honestly give up control and not have to make any decisions. I love the idea of someone making up a daily schedule & routine for me. If they can join in and play with me and make my Ducky talk to me that's even better.

Why do you like to have an ABDL Mummy?

Comfort. Not a lot of people know this about me, but I was that kid that was never really wanted. Which ironically has made me successful cause deep down nothing ever impressed my parents. Dad was not around and out of picture I still remember him saying to my mother before he left for good talking about me "He is honestly not worth all this. " which caused me to put more trust in women than men. Unfortunately mom was not supportive, but hey that's life. Sorry that's probably not the answer you were looking So the short answer would be I want to feel safe and just wanted. I want someone to just simply say "You are worth it."

What is your ideal day out with a Mummy?

Just being together. It can be playtime indoors or going to a movie. I absolutely love when a mommy is dominant, teases me a little, I melt when I'm baby talked I cant explain I get all shy. If they tease and laugh it's even more. Then I love that there is an immediate acceptance. Even if it's a cuddle stroking my head and saying their sorry and telling me it is okay. So ideal day out is more about giving time to me.


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