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Task of the week, 6th January... move that butt!

Updated: Sep 7

o, this week the task is getting really physical!

Show us that soggy butt of yours, be the best big soggy butt and win.

What you have to do: take an original picture of a very soggy butt of yours and post it to

missmummyemails (at) gmail.com

  • indicate if the photo is private or you are happy to get it published

  • what your twitter name is

  • how do you want to be called

The winner is not necessarily the biggest butt, or the soggiest (although that will count a lot) but the most fun and original picture!

And there is a real special price for this task: you will get the first ever recorded MISS MUMMY AUDIO file. A short audio file with Miss Mummy's voice reminding you how small you are. 💋

So start moving that butt and your brain cells, and you have until the 13th January for this one!

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