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Task of the week 20th January

Updated: Sep 7

I am very happy because we are playing and every week we have more entries to challenges, and of quality, I can see you have been putting time and attention to them.

As we are still in lockdown in the UK and many of you even shielding, it´s necessary to keep our sense of fun and engagement in activities we enjoy. So let's go for the next challenge!

And this is....


Also known as pacifiers or 'pacis' by others.


We are going to combine the visual and text. The main thing is: show us your favourite dummy and if you have the photo edit skills for it you can add a sentence about it that either describes it, or tells why do you like it so much, or a funny comment...whatever you are inspired to do!

If you don´t have the photo edit skills to do this, just simply add your sentense (remember, just one sentence!) with your entry.

Send your entries to missmummyemails (at) gmail.com (last week it was more difficult for me to put together all entries because they came in different ways).

Remember to add: the name you want to be called if mentioned and if you give permission to publish the photo in this web.

You have a week to think about this and do something really cute!

Deadline: 27th January at UK Midday.


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