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Task of the week 27th January 2021

Updated: Sep 7

After an amazing set of tasks last week, let's go for a gentle one.

I have discovered that there are places where you can draw your own animal or monster and get it transformed into a real plushy! I think its an amazing and original idea, so I was wondering


Draw or paint your ideal plushy that you would like to have! I can´t post pictures that are not mine, but I shall give you the links for some of the places where one can get a plushy done, like here, here and here, if you look for some inspiration (not that I know the business personally).

Send it before the 3rd of February at midday.

Give (or not) your consent for publication in this blog.

Give the name you want to be called by.

Have fun! This is all about it!

Have a lovely week,

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