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There is Real Magic in Our Sessions

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I feel that my sessions are becoming more deep and magical all the time, because of the amount of mutual trust, safety, imagination and freedom that we share. Still sometimes magic goes beyond what one suspects makes sense, it just can´t be explain, its pure poetry made little headspace.

What I am about to tell you happened recently in one of my sessions. Baby Carly came for a playful and meaningful three hours, and we had done many games, get changed into comfy girly clohting, and at a certain point I chose to use some play cards that I have. This play cards have animal figures and their names, or numbers or colours, so what we play with them is that either myself or my little one can pick up a card and enjoy being able to say the name of the animal, the number or the colour that is in it, if they are verbal. If they are not verbal, I might just tell them and they clap enthusiastically for the discovery of such playful and colourful cards.

But sometimes we use the cards in a different way, like animals speak to each other, or we pick a number and an animal and create the story that link them. Or we pick a colour card and a number and again make up a story about it. That day I felt magical already, so decided to mix the cards and just use them for my little one to pick one as see how that speaks to us.

Baby Carly picked up a card, it was a bird.

- Birdie! -she said.

- Yes, very good, babe -I reply as I invited her to clap with me and remind me what is the sound the bird does

I offered the maze again, and asked her to pick another card. This time it was a number two.

- Two! -said Carly with light in her face.

- Oh, you are such a clever girl! yes, that is indeed the number two, like the number of years you are! - I celebrate.

Finally I mixed the rest of the many cards, the maze must have at least 30 left, and I said

- Okay baby Carly, now take your last card for today and let's see what it is. What would you like you picked?

Baby Carly closed her eyes for a moment and finally said as she was reaching our to the maze in my hand with her little fingers,

- Oh, I wish I could pick colour pink!

I honestly don´t know if that maze has the colour pink in it. I think there is no pink here. I was thinking about it I notice how her little fingers slipped and by accident picked two cards instead of one.

To the amazement of both of us, the "accident" resulted in baby Carly having picked two cards that she could not see. And to culminate with the magic of the session, these cards where two colour cards: red and white.

- Wow! You know, Carly, that red and white make pink?

And as baby Carly clapped happily like a little bird flapping her new wings, I felt I knew what this meant to me and that is magic and more magic, no matter if you believe in it or not. Call it poetry if you wish.

And what this told me was also very clear to me. That wishes can happen, even if they look implausible. That we can reach out, and make things happen.


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