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What a collection of tasks you did!

Updated: Sep 7

Wow for this week!

I got the most original and fun pictures + comment you can imagine, and as they are so good, I have decided, with your consent, to publish them all.


I would like to start with a super amazing and very distinctive entry from Sissy Baby K. I have The picture shows what looks to me like a TG or TV sissy baby in pink trousers, with a touch of "don't mess with me" in her expression, and pink dummy. All matching the flowery wallpaper in the room, so taken care until the last detail.


Then we have an entry from Dylanschuster10. He looks so sleepy and calm with his purple dummy in his mouth! I like purple and have a number of purple ABDL objects and stuff around, however for him the most important thing is not the colour but the feel of it. So cozy in his hoodie one can only cuddle him to sleep! This would be as an image some hiperrealist art.

"I like this dummy not because of color but how it fits and feels in my mouth

and how it calms me down."


Icklesissybaybee has presented a very artistic photo with her two very very pretty favourite dummies! I see them so elaborate and full of detail that I wonder if they are not heavy, but hey, they must be really effective, "Mummy's mute buttons" reads the subtitle, so it's more than clear that they are for sure effective. Which one of the two you enjoy the most?

This looks to me like an example of Kitsch art: the objects are evocative of memories and at the same time everyday objects like you can find in a Jeff Koons or a Yayoi Kusama.


Baby Alex's resource is a good one, used by some artists from the beginning of the Twentieth Century, a kind of meta. Remember the "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" by Magritte? If you don't just Google it! But instead of what is not, Baby Alex presents us with a dummy which is never a really big thing, in very close view, that makes it look really big and makes us think of how small he feels! I can see this in a conceptual art museum, Baby. Well done.


I can only give one winner this week, otherwise if I make everyone win every week it´s not so much fun on competing, so I have chosen one. However, they all deserve a price and they all get my recognition in the time and care I put to write these lines and feature YOU ALL. You are all fabulous!


And the winner of this week has been LIL NICK!!

For the extraordinary amount of originality and work put int this Beelzebub with a Cherries Fan Boy dummy over his head, in matching colours, and with cherries who also match the skin colour of the devil!!! One can directly do a postcard with this and it reminds me to those artists who use the power of words and how they give additional meaning to the dummy over his head. Congratulations Lil Nick, this is fun and interesting, and I will send you my diploma for this task tomorrow!!!!


See that I have left comments open for this post if you would like to say anything, and also remember that even if you gave your consent for me to publish your pictures, if you change your mind, you can always withdraw it, send me a message and ask me to remove it.

Have a lovely day. x

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