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The winner of the task of the week 6th January is....

Updated: Sep 7

Oh dear oh dear oh dear...this week was so exciting to receive such good photos from adventurous contestants!

It was been really difficult to make a choice!!!!

So we have top left to right, Nicky, CutieBum, Dougie

and bottom line left to right, Racer Ace, Dylan and Iqqlesissybabee!

So a hard choice between the apparently very very soggy nappy from Nicky (note the detail of the clock beside, that is advising when the nappy should have been changed), the very cute bum of CutieBum who is still trousers on, those trousers are going to get wet soon, I guess! The delicious cuddle of the very cuddly Dougie, how many of us want to be cuddled like that these days? The charming and former diploma winner Racer Ace (who actually presented many entries, I will have to specify better next time ;)), Dylan is not wearing a nappy!! and we are not sure his butt is soggy, is it? but it's a last hour addition to the task of the 6th January and we will include him too for making the effort of sending his photo, and the very surreal but expressive picture from Iqqlesissybabee, who is making a good use of his photoshop skills to conceal an otherwise scatological vision, and very wisely warns us about what we can encounter if we get that close to his very endearing sissy baby!!!!



Yes! It was just heartbreaking to choose only one, so I congratulate you for your creativity and for putting the effort and sending your pictures, and ALL OF YOU will receive a home recording with my own voice, that I hope you will like.

You can play it when you go to sleep during confinement, and I shall let you know that this is the first time I am sending a recording with my voice to a little one, so you are the SIX FIRST ones in the entire universe who are getting this from me for the first time ever.

You will get it very soon after the publication of this blog post.

Have a lovely day!

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