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Winners of Task of the Week, 27th January

Updated: Sep 7

Congratulations to Sissy Baby Kingusia and to Iqlesissibabee for drawing beautiful plushies. You know, babes, that you can actually get those plushies converted into real ones, and that would be so amazing, but for now I shall publish your works.

This is my plushie dolly. She is wearing green floral nightgown and her pampers undeneath. She loves to dress up just like me. It's important that all my dollies and plushies are wearing pampers, because I can practice diaper changes and breastfeeding with them. I need those skills because in the future I want to be mummy myself. Now I'm a sissy baby, so I understand how important is to have a fresh pampers on, not a stinky ones.

And this is Iqlesissybabee's ballerina plushie.

Well done both of you!

With love,

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