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Booking process for first time
in-person sessions


ABDL UK, ABDL online
Ask me

Once you have checked Mummy's website and if you think this can be for you, contact me to ask for my rates and TC&Cs and for anything you need to know.


ABDL UK, ABDL online
Express your interest

If you like what the offer is and want to go ahead, come back to express your interest and tell me a bit about your expectations. We will have a little exchange, and agree to meet, preferably in person, but I can accept an online meeting if you live very far. This meeting is important and will help both parts to assess if we are good for each other and want to session. It also supports trust, a better understanding of your needs, and safety. You may decide you don´t want to session after all, and I may also decide that I won´t offer you this service and will be under no obligation of providing feedback.


ABDL UK, ABDL online

If both parts are happy about the meeting and found each other suitable to session, we shall agree in a date and time for you to visit me. Home visits can only be arranged from the second session onward. I am sure you have always been told not to go to houses of strangers! ;)


ABDL UK, ABDL online
Book with time!

Book your session with as much time as you can, two weeks would be good, a week is acceptable, and never less than five days, if you want to make sure there will be a place for you.


ABDL UK, ABDL online

Once you have a date and time, secure it by paying the agreed deposit. This shall be done using PayPal. If you don't use PayPal I can show you how to. If you have trust issues, let me know if you want to talk to any former client of mine to put your head at rest.


ABDL UK, ABDL online
Ready to go!

Turn up!

But if you can´t do it in the end and let me know before 3 days (72 hours before the session), you will be refunded your full deposit if you wish so, or we can reschedule. After this time, I am happy to reschedule once. Pay your remaining balance before arrival online, or on arrival.

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If you have had a session with me before, just to go step three.

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Miss Mummy provides bespoke ABDL care, as an ABDL specialist. ABDL costumes, ABDL Nappies UK. Hampshire.

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