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emotional support- online

ABDL Emotional Support

My emotional support sessions  address the worries and many times unexpressed needs of ABDL people who in some cases experience stigma, shame, guilt, and other negative feelings that adult babies sometimes can go through.

My support is a safe and confidential space where you will be deeply listened in a non judgmental way, and supported according to your needs. They are not therapy, so if I saw that what you really need is a mental health specialist instead of myself, I will let you know.

Have you ever felt that as an Adult Baby you can´t really talk about what you need or want to do with many people in your background? Perhaps you also don´t talk about it when you are in a session, because in that moment you are 'being' a baby and that might not be the moment. 

This is the space where you can talk to me and feel connected and understood.

I can teach you to relax and breath like a baby, which is the best way to breath in the world! And you will benefit from interacting with a professional who understands you needs. I am more than an Adult Baby Nanny, I am a Trauma Informed Mindfulness practitioner with years of mental health training and experience on having worked for years for the NHS.

I see it is the need of many of you to talk about your feelings in a safe space using active listening, my understanding of ABDL's mindset, mentoring and coaching techniques, so you get the best of both words, professional support and a broad vision of the world that is accepting of you and your desires.

These sessions are mainly online, but can also be delivered in person in an appropriate space when necessary, just ask me about it. 

Get in touch, and scroll down for rates and packages.

Email Package

If you are shy to be on camera with me, this package consists in one 60m written chat plus a follow up email from me and up to 2 email responses if you want to continue the conversation.



Cam Package

Talk to me about what matters to you on camera (alternatively at the phone). This package consists of one 60m phone/zoom conversation, + follow up email and a 30 m follow up chat, all done within 10 days maximum.


The structure and prices above are indicative, so contact me for more discounts in case you would like a weekly/fortnightly session or you want a single 1 hour session instead of a package. Ask me for costs.
Adult Baby Nursery UK

I highly recommend scheduling an emotional support session with Miss Mummy first. For many of us, we may be afraid of outside judgement from a partner, therapist, friend, etc. Having an emotional support session was very important for me because I was able to be fully vulnerable about my adult self and my age regression with assured support and understanding. I talked about things that I was hesitant to tell my own therapist, and allowing myself to have this space quite literally took years of shame off of my back. I feel much more confident and sure of myself in my adult life because of this. I would recommend any little speak to her before engaging in play. Thank you Miss Mummy, and I look forward to any future sessions!


Adult Baby Nursery UK

We all have our dreams, we all have things that are special to us and we all have times where we need a shoulder, a hug or emotional support. In Miss Mummy you have acceptance, you have understanding and you have someone who not only genuinely and passionately cares but someone who is actually qualified to help.
I needed emotional support and I was fortunate enough to have found Miss Mummy. Through her guidance I have found a new level of understanding of myself and a way to not only really accept and enjoy who I am but also ways to manage the mundane, sometimes scary, adult existence.
Sanctuary for me was to hide myself away but I have been shown that sanctuary is a place within and that expression doesn't need to be confined.
I cannot recommend Miss Mummy enough, she really can help, she really can give you that emotional support and she really can make a difference

Cindy Sue, UK

Sissy Baby M, London, UK

Unicorn Adult Baby Nursery UK

I had a wonderful evening yesterday.

At first I was tense again, but after mentioning my paci was calmed immediately. The exercise you gave me really helped me to feel the good feelings of being baby and also the bad.


But it also showed me that the bad feeling can be dealt with, and that it needs room to be there to learn from. You really made me feel about the subject and I thank you for that. 

Baby B , Belgium

Since getting to know Miss Mummy I have incrementally felt more and more supported by her cherished guidance.
She has given me the confidence  to be vulnerable, and feeling supported by her know how, I have become a very content baby, able to enjoy life more fully as a result. Hugs 🤗


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