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How do I prepare for an AB session? Learn Mummy's routine

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I do have a routine and order of things to be done when I am going to receive your visit, and I am going to tell you what i do from 48 hours before.

On the previous days I have been exchanging emails with you, explaining anything you need to know, I have arranged a pre-booking interview that has been successful, and you have made your booking and deposit.

This means we have already engaged in a lot of communication that is designed to give you the best possible experience!

I will also prepare my space and myself in a number of ways, and those are.

48 hours before

I make sure I have any outfits, fabrics, or sheets that we are going to use, that they are clean and check the inventory. Same for toys, bibs, pacis, bottles...

I don't want last hour surprises!

24 hours before

I send you a confirmation message to remind you that I will be seeing you soon.

I iron anything that needs to be ironed and have it all ready to be put in place. Toys, storybooks, music playlist is ready too.

General cleaning is also done.

If you are eating with me, then every food has been prepared during this period, either bought or cooked, and packed or stored appropriately.

9 to 2 hours before

Depending on if your session is in the afternoon or earlier in the morning I would have done this the night before I do it on the same day.

Your bed linen, props and toys are ready and in their place. I have prepared the nappies you are going to use, any products we will be using, your ironed clothes, anything that needs hanging from a wall or ceiling, crib is prepared and I have used the sterilizer for pacis, bottles and anything that could get in touch with your mouth.

1 hour before

I get on my own outfit that I will use to receive you, and I do some light natural makeup.

I will be aware of my mail and phone in case you get lost and need me to go out and get you as I finish supervising any detail.

30 minutes before

By this time, I am sitting on my mat with soft music and getting into a meditative state. I connect with gratitude, love and tranquility, as I aim to be a channel for those. I appreciate that you are coming, sometimes from very far, and that

I am to receive you and become a non-judgemental space for peace, understanding and acceptance.

This enhances my perception and senses and will make me a lot more aware of your movements, needs and anything I perceive from you during the session, as I will be using this

to guide the experience.

There is a knock on the door...

you have arrived!


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