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Autism Friendly Practice

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In the heart of my unique caregiving sanctuary, I've observed something truly profound. A significant portion of my incredible clients are beautifully neurodiverse, and there's this magical connection happening, you seem to be appreciative of the care and attention to detail I give in every session.

ABDL autism friendly practice

As I await my own formal diagnosis on the neurodivergence spectrum, one thing has been a constant: my heightened awareness of sensory needs. I want to ensure that each client's journey is profoundly attuned to their unique preferences.

When a person in the autistic spectrum walk through my doors, I have already communicated and prepared for every need that matters to them (if they have told me about it, of course). It's about creating an environment that transcends expectations and caters precisely to your needs. No assumptions, no bias – just a genuine commitment to embracing your individuality.

The music and noise vibe? I'm on it, I want to resonate with you on this. The textures – from the fabrics you interact with to the clothing against your skin – I got it covered. And beyond that, what additional considerations might my wonderful autistic adults require? It could be a gentle transition heads-up or an awareness of the levels of light, or movement. We should be able to make it an experience that's uniquely yours.

I'm thrilled to share that I've recently earned an NCFE diploma in "Understanding Autism." It

ABDL Autism Friendly Practice

meant some studying, and having it is also a reinstatement to this commitment, to the fact that I've always been, and will continue to be, an autism-friendly practice.

To those not on the autism spectrum but with unique sensory needs, let's chat too. Your comfort matters, and I'm eager to ensure your experience with me is nothing short of special.

Prior to your first session, I always draft a risk assessment – a strategic plan for any potential scenarios that might evoke discomfort. Your peace of mind is a priority.

In the diverse world of autism, I've noticed something special in my work. I'm not saying it's the same for everyone, but here's what I've seen: many autistic people aren't too bothered about fitting into social rules. They seem comfortable with being themselves. In my experience (keep in mind, I haven't seen everyone), autistic and neurodivergent folks often feel less guilty and more accepting of their ABDL side. While others might hesitate, we easily dive into it, saying, "This feels good, and I'm going for it," without a care in the world.

I trust this insight into my ethos provides clarity and reassurance. I'm not just a caregiver; I'm a partner in crafting an environment that speaks to your individuality, making each session a personalized, cherished experience.



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