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Expedition to ABDL in Second Life

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

So it consisted in a visit to the three biggest ABDL places in Second Life.

As explained, there is no need to spend money in Second Life to create your avatar, or even to get a free reusable nappy. You can of course always want to upgrade your look and then you spend, but it´s never really a lot. The biggest ones were Crinkletown, Crinkle Cove and Little Space so here there are some pics of what one can do on them.

It is interesting that I found a number of furries there!

Not a substitute for a real life meeting, but given the circumstances of lockdown, it is a fun place where to roleplay for a while, specially if you have someone to do this with, and it can get very immersive. Second Life has survived since 2007 and even if its number of residents did not increase consistently, it seems to have many adepts.

The advantages: creativity, and if you learn to build and create content, as its an open source platform, there is little limit to what you can design.

Disadvantages: there is a learning curve until you use the platform in a most effective way. However, you will always find groups of people happy to help you.

But for someone with an intermediate level of IT skills, I can say I did manage perfectly to use furniture, move around and put a nappy on. An enjoyable evening. I will be back.


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