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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Not long ago I was doing a regression to a client who had come all his way with some children's magazines that we could read for story time. It has been the case that before some of you enjoy bringing not just your own clothing but specific objects such as plush toys and other story books of your preference, something that is meaningful to you.

I got the magazines on a stack, with no time or intention to look at them at that moment. There where like three or four of them, as we moved to the room where the regression is made. Regression is always the first stage before we start any other actions. You lie on your back, make yourself comfortable and listen to my words and a little bit of music as I help you relax, breath like a baby and get in touch with your body.

There are various techniques that I can use during the regression time, and I might choose one or another depending on what I observe in your body and demeanour. In this case, I asked my client if he could visualise himself in a space that feels nice and calm, allowing the image to come to mind rather than forcing himself to think on something. The image came, and it was a forest.

As I proceeded to continue talking and describing what was happening in that forest, I connect with that idea too and soon I get images in my creative mind, of a forest and what is happening in it. I described a big tree, with a door inside, and in our minds we got close to the tree and opened the door in the bark to get into the house that is inside of it. And described all the wonderful things inside and how this magical trip was making my client feel freer and younger, smaller, and how everything around was making him feel safe.

After the regression is done, we smoothly transition into getting dressed with what we have previously agreed. There is no need to speek if you don't feel like it, there are many ways to have a conversation and getting dressed is indeed a conversational activity, is a dance we perform, after which we move to another space.

We moved to another room, towards a carpet full of different types of toys. The magazines where there. I picked one of them, with the intention of putting it aside so we can use it later during story time. And there it was: a picture of an old big tree with a door that led to a house inside!

What a beautiful coincidence. Yes, it might be easy to imagine such a tree. But it also felt like magic. To me if feels like speaking two languages at the same time. On the one hand, I live this as nothing more like a very special coincidence, but on the other hand I enjoy feeling a sense of magic. It might be one's brain that does it. Did I see the tree before and did not realised? (I really don't think so). Are these always coincidences? Or not completely?

I know I will never have all the answers to the many magical things that have happened in some of my sessions, but I also know is best for me not to try to find an explanation to everything that happens. I am a very rational being, with a very magical side that aim to always enjoy and makes me see and feel deep beauty in many situations.

I got used to live in a sort of duplicity of meanings. The part of me that is scientific and wants to understand facts and the part of me who leaves a bit of space for intuition and magic.

So I leave this open for you to choose your favorite conclusion to the story.

With thanks and appreciation for baby Ricky who sent me the image of the magazine. :)


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