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Mummy interviews... Diddy Dan

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Diddy Dan is one of Mummy's wonderful babies who has visited me. He is very active in internet and makes friends easily. Apart from this, we have socialised and talked enough to get to know each other well, and I thought you might like to read a few thoughts and insights from a nice friendly happy little one. So there it is, with thanks to Diddi x

What does being little mean to you?

It means I overcome the worries and the stress of working of having to deal with everything his life and responsibilities and paying the bills and I getting to the experience of just being small on and enjoying the moment.

Have you had many carers?

No, actually you are the first one I have! I decided to go to you after doing some research and find that some mummies out there , many of them were mixing my kink with other kiks and with BDSM too and I felt that I would be more comfortable with your approach: cuddles, regression, and taking me to little mental space.

Are you an adult too?

Yes I am. Too much much more of what I would like to this days as I get overloaded with work and things to do. I'll I have to take sessions more often and be little more often!

Do you know a lot of the people in the ABDL world?

I don't know a lot in person, I do know some of them via internet. It is very good indeed to be able to share experiences with others I know that they are there others out there doing the same as I do.

Is being little a big investment?

Yes of course. You end up buying something and you never know when are you going to

end. I started buying stuff when I had never shared this with anybody, and it was also a way to validate myself by buying all those things, but also what happened is that after buying, sometimes I could feel like I wish I had not bought all that, so it’s a process of being able to reconcile all the controversial feelings that I would be having about it.

You start to buy stuff in order to be comfortable with it...and then you start to question what you have done.

You question the money you have spent, or the nature of the things you bought?

Both, but most specially the nature of the things I bought. But this is not happening to me right now, I am in a better place.

How many nappies have you had a the same time?

A good hundred and something. But people online have more…. if I had my way and won the lottery... I would be a baby most of the time and have a house full of nappies, like some of those pictures we see in Twitter, mostly from Americans where they have entire rooms full of nappies.

You need a big house for that!

I did grow with time but especially at the beginning, when I was feeling more insecure about it, I used to have all these feelings of wanting to be little and realising what I like but also not been totally comfortable with it.But t I could learn to accept it and learn to accept myself as I am.

What would you recommend to someone who is starting and has never tried being little or doesn't have any apparel?

Always start by the nappy!

Then you can decide what else you want to get, but always begin by getting the nappy, putting it on, learning to feel comfortable in it, and learning about the different kind of nappies that you can get and what suits you the best.

What is the most satisfactory thing about it?

Freedom. Relief. If I won the lottery I would be little all day.

Yes, I believe you actually don’t choose what you like, you just like it.

So does it mean you need a lot of self acceptance because you find you like something that is not to widely accepted?

Yes, and its a process of learning to be comfortable with your desires.

Does sharing it with others and putting it in context makes it easier for you to find that inner acceptance? Is the social element important?

Not for me. Sharing with others is fun and nice, but it does not affect my sense of acceptance. I find my acceptance and my happiness inside me.

So your own happiness and acceptance is inside you?

Yes, and it does not depend on the presence of others.

Yes, I think the same. We spend a life thinking we are going to be happy when we achieve something, when we get a partner, a jobs… and that means a direction we want to go into, but it wont necessarily makes us happy, as happiness is also a decision.

I see my friends living their lives and doing what is expected of them at my age, get married, have children, etc… and I think to myself “this is not for me”. This is not the life I want. Growing, getting married, working, buying a house, having children, dying…

And anyway you can change direction I your life at any point. You can change the direction of your life at any point, life is not a line. I’ve done lots of that, I married, I had children. It doesn't mean that I cannot change my life. Then I am now living a different life and being a mummy of littles, who would have believed it? This is because I do believe that life can be what you make of it.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Nowhere, I live in the present and do things step by step.

Actually that makes a lot of sense, that’s what babies do. Very wise. Babies are not thinking on the future and not thinking on where they are going and where they see themselves in 10 years, going to school. They are just living in the moment. That’s what a baby does.

That's what life is about.


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