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Anecdotes from my ABDL sessions

I always say that the most important thing in our time together is talking and focusing on you. When we communicate well, the session is great. It feels like time flies, even if it's been hours. Our chat and emails help shape the session, but the results can be very different for each person. Sometimes it's deep, other times it's playful. It can be full of movement or quiet. And sometimes, funny or amazing things happen.

Let me share three little stories about those special moments. Sometimes things happen that are unexpected but feel just right in the moment.

Once, I was with a very real baby. Baby was crawling around, and I left for a moment to go to

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the kitchen. But, when I came back, he had found a box of matches and spread them all over the floor! I learned never to leave a baby alone. I sort of knew, but thought that it could be possible with an adult baby. For a short while. I had to keep an eye on him and even take him with me to the kitchen, but with a toy to keep him busy. I was very surprised initially, but must admit It was fun, and we put the matches back together into its box!

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Another time, there was a little girl playing with her doll. I had a feeling about what she wanted, so I asked, "Is this how you'd like it done to you?" She said yes. I hurried to the bedroom, got a big blanket, and wrapped her up tightly. She looked like a chrysalis, so I told her a story about a chrysalis becoming a butterfly. When I counted to three, she emerged from the blanket, waving her arms like a butterfly. She told me that's was a representation of what she wanted to do in life.

Once, I was holding a baby, and my playlist ran out. The music continued, and Bach-

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Gounod's Ave Maria instrumental started playing. I know that song by heart, so I started singing it softly. The baby seemed to like it, so I sang the whole Ave Maria in Latin. It felt like we were praying together, and even though I'm not exactly religious, it was a beautiful and meditative moment.

In my sessions, you never know what will happen, but that's what makes them special.


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