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When do I decline service

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

You might have seen in this website that I always ask for a preliminary interview before you can do a booking. This interview its conceived so that both parts can make a better decision before embarking into an ABDL session.

You many decide, after all, that being my baby is not something you would really want.

And I can decide that it would be best not to offer my services to you.

This can be for various groups of reasons:

  • I don't feel comfortable with you, for whatever reason (maybe I find it difficult to picture you as my baby, or our interaction has not been very pleasant)

  • I don't think the session would be good for you (I might perceive a risk associated to you doing this session, maybe there is an underlying issue that you are facing and I perceive that doing a session in this moment can not be helpful to you, or even make things worse). I care for my babies, and want to always make sure that we are doing this in the best conditions, and that you will benefit from it.

I aim to give a high quality personalized experience to those who will appreciate it, benefit from it and be able to afford it comfortably, and in any case attempt to deliver a session at all cost, at risk of it not being the best for you.

So come and get to know me, tell me who you are and what you expect from the experience, and we will work together on the previous days to make it unique and special for you.


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