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Why my message was not replied?

Actually nobody has ever asked me that, but I want to give a brief indication on why some messages through my contact page might not be answered, given that I have a higher volume of messages that what I had in former years, and I am going to have to prioritize.

The main reasons are three.

The message is not specific on what you want.

It might say just "hello mommy". Or "I need a mummy".

This does not give me a clear indication on what you want, if you need information on any of my services or what are you exactly looking for. Are you looking for more information? For a relationship? For a one hour online session? Would you write to your dentist to say "hello dentist?". Please remember to give me some background about yourself, make sure you have read my website and then let me know why are you interested in my services or what your specific question is.

The message is not in adult language

I don't even know if you have capacity if I get a message like that from you, and it's important that I know that I am dealing with another adult with sufficient understanding on what they are doing. I can't get that information if I receive intermittent syllables. You are now getting an idea of what my inbox may be!

The message shows that you might not have read my website

There might be requests on services that I do not provide or the sender is trying to get an explanation of my website from myself instead of reading it first. For example, "can you tell me about your website?" would be a kind of message from someone who would rather communicate directly from the start instead of reading the information that is already there and then coming with questions. Unfortunately due to time restrictions I don't have availability to explain what I already took time to get into my web.

A message that is replied is one where you introduce yourself, give me some context on your experience in ABDL, your location or approximate location (timezone is important, as I communicate with people from all over the world) and what you would be interested in. You can ask me about me Tc&Cs for me to send to you, and extra point if you confirm your age in writing from the start. I'd be then happy to reply to any questions you may have and to send extra information your way.



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