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When I first spoke to Miss Mummy, she asked me about what sort of experience I wanted. I replied that if she could actually turn me into a two year old little boy for a day, that would be just perfect. As it turned out, my experience was probably as close to that as it's possible to get without the intervention of magic. She really helped me to find my inner baby, and the 3 hours we spent together were as close to bliss as I've had in a long time. I will add that her cooking and her singing are both also really good!

Girl Hugging Tedding Bear

Baby Richy - London, UK

I just thought I would drop you a line to say a really big thank you for yesterday. Your all round care and attention to detail was truly amazing. I really did feel like I regressed.

Before I went I was really hoping that I could enter into everything that came my way and the nerves wouldn’t take over too much. You saw my problems with this and calmed me which was amazing. I realise now that I needed to play and interact with you and that would be the way forward on any future visits.

I love the beautiful clothes that you have and loved wearing them along with the lovely nappies, which are so much nicer than I get btw.

Anyway keep up the good work and I hope to visit you again soon.

ABDL plush toy

Lily - Midlands, UK

I can't begin to thank you enough for such a wonderful experience today 😍 I absolutely loved it and loved spending all that time with you 🥰 you were fantastic and such a wonderful Mummy to me 💖 you were so caring and nurturing 🤗 any nerves I had initially were immediately alleviated with your soothing and calming manner and voice. It was so relaxing and definitively needed 😊 i would much prefer visiting you than a spa Miss Mummy ☺ I cant wait to come visit you again Miss Mummy if you'll have me 😘

Mommy's Little Man Onesie

Baby L, UK

From the moment I made contact to the end of of our session everything was a breeze Miss Mummy was accommodating and approachable starting with a pre-session chat I was made to feel safe, accepted and completely at ease, having never shared my little side with anyone before I really wasn’t sure what to expect but Miss Mummy ticked every box and decided I could have a place at her nursery (yay for my little side ).


Once the day of our session came I was a mix of nervous and excited which made the car journey seem even longer, but once I arrived at Miss Mummy’s nursery (which was super easy to find and park at) I knew I had entered heaven for my little side almost immediately any nervous feelings I had vanished and Miss Mummy began my regression and had me padded in my romper with a paci and in my own state of bliss, and after a while of playing games, watching some age appropriate TV and generally having a great time with Miss Mummy (seriously I have never spent so much time smiling) I was treated to bottle feeding and entered depths of little space the I didn't even know existed.


Sadly as with all good things they must eventually come to and end and once our time was over Miss Mummy carefully and considerately took me out of little space and gave me time to get ready to deal with stupid grown up things. 

Teddy Bear

Little One, UK

It was better than a SPA day!

Art - UK

Spa Setting

Wow was the first word i spoke after the session because i was utterly speechless! The whole session went beyond my expectations and i left feeling so happy and please with what i had experienced.


Miss Mummy from the moment she opened her door was kind and so welcoming. we sat and had a drink before the session and instantly all my nerves were calmed.


Miss Mummy has a very special and in my opinion unique ability to let the session flow and everything happen so naturally, she reads the babys emotions/reactions and adapts accordingly.


The feeding time was so pleasurable, home made pureed beef stew was sooooo yummy and being fed just like a baby would be, bib and airplane noises!


One of the moments i felt was the biggest regressor was the feeding me a warm bottle of milk and the subsequently baby belly massage afterwards. This whole process transported me into another world and its the most relaxed ive been in a long long time. Another visitor described the whole experience as ‘better than a spa day’ and i can whole heartedly agree!!

Baby Mick - London, UK

Miss Mummy ABDL

Thank you for your message. Thank you so so much for the yesterday. It was long overdue and needed so so much. The session helped so much with relieving all the stress and tension that had been building for some time. That you are better than a spa is an understatement. The chance to have no worries and no responsibilities for a blissful few hours is a treasure. An experience like no other. You were incredible and amazing as always Miss Mummy.  Missing you so so much already and can't wait to visit you again soon.

Girl Hugging Tedding Bear

Baby Lucy - Hampshire, UK

Thank you so much for yesterday. You really took me back to a place of unconditional love, freedom and joy. I think that's why I was a bit emotional at the end, because I didn't want to come back at all tbh. The session was everything I hoped for, and more. Thank you for taking me there and being with me, holding my hand.

Baby Anabelle - Surrey, UK

Cuddling Buddies

The relaxation and regression really set me at ease, The Nappy felt so strange at first but it made me feel safe, the onesie really helped me get into the mood and the tiger onesie was the perfect finish to the look (I want one of these !! :)) I loved the attention and playing with you and the games, I was kinda unsure if I should speak - I guess my actual age is uncertain - am I vocal , non vocal -

Story time was fantastic - I loved cuddling up to you with the teddies and looking at the pictures and actions / interactions.  Feeding time with the bottle was so intense it really relaxed me and cuddling up and being stroked and felt safe was such a rush of freedom…


Newbie Babe - Devon, UK

Being in mummies company was a truly magical experience. We’ve done

colouring together, played games... Mummy made me a bath & got me ready for bed.

For the last hour of the session I had milk before bedtime and endless cuddles.

I have never felt so safe, Being in the arms of 
mummy I felt protected and all of life worries just disappeared in that moment.


I’m actually smiling so much today and I had the most amazing sleep last night...

Mummy made me feel so happy... She helped me discover my little side again.

Pink Doll Standing

D. Gates - Southampton area, UK

I wanted to say a big thank you for a wonderful & unique time.

I don’t think I’ve felt so relaxed. You had an intuitive sense of what I needed and nodding of whilst you were rubbing my belly was heavenly. 

Jamie - Shropshire, UK

Educational Toys

I honestly can’t describe the wonderful feeling I had after my session with MM, that carried on well into the day after. The changes were the best and most genuinely caring and exciting that I’ve had in any ABDL nursery. The setting and all options available were just perfect and the tummy massage after the bottle feed was one of the most relaxing and liberating moments I’ve ever experienced. Thank you MM

Miss Mummy ABDL toys

Simee - London, UK

Just being in your company made me feel safe.

Made me feel accepted to be who I am

You gave me that safety net and I can’t thank you enough

Dan  - Southampton, UK

Holding Hands

I take a plane and rent a car to spend three hours with Miss Mummy, and will do it again. Miss Mummy possesses the perfect blend of intelligence, sensitivity, and skills to transform ABDL caregiving into a truly unique and magical high-end experience. The care and attention to detail provided makes the entire experience unforgettable. Miss Mummy has a remarkable ability to turn what could be a routine service into something extraordinary. I highly recommend anyone seeking an exceptional ABDL caregiving experience to look no further.

Teddy Miss Mummy

R. - Geneve

Miss Mummy is the Adult Baby Nursery Based in Hampshire, UK

I travel from the other side of the world to see Miss Mummy and it is absolutely worth it.  She offers a completely unique service.  A confidential  space without guilt, without prejudice and with the ability to help you access parts of your mind that have stayed dormant/closed off/suppressed.  Through the tools of language, clothing and scenario creation, you are able to calm your mind and drift into a special space for a few hours. Amazing for the soul and well-being.

Miss Mummy ABDL testimonial

Sam - Southafrica

Thank you again for earlier, I felt very safe and protected with you, it’s such a nurturing feeling from soft speaking, being fed, nappy changes, being bottle fed and comforted, playing games.

I think a nappy change is a very close bonding thing as its bringing a strong care sense, also like feeding food or bottles. First time receiving a real attentive and regressive change, I feel at ease and one with myself since earlier.

Miss Mummy Adult Baby Nursery

Kevin - Hampshire

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