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Adult Baby Nursery Care in UK, Little Space,Miss Mummy

ABDL Nursery UK

This content is exclusively for adults. If your are not over 18, you must leave this site now. The theme of this page is Adult Baby Nursery Care.

I am an experienced mommy, a real mummy and a mummy of a little. I am educated to post-graduate level and very interested in the psychological aspects of regression.
I do babysit for a reduced and exclusive number of littles or adult babies who want to benefit from a very trained and expert mum as an adult caregiver. I am  trained in health and safety, mental and physical health, and with an understanding of the needs and psychology of those who need or enjoy regression. I also provide online sessions and give emotional support.
I am an artist who provides ABDL Nursery Care.
If you look for cuddles, and being treated like a baby or toddler with sensitivity and understanding, you are in the right place.

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Is your little side in need of attention and care?

Do you enjoy play time, bath time, cuddle time or being fed by a nurturing mum who will cater for your needs?

Either if you come from the ABDL community or if you just would like to experience being cared for and embraced in the most non judgemental way, this is a safe space created to care for you and give you the attention you are looking for, so you can regress safely and beautifully. Age regression does not necesarily need to be all about escapism, but about being able to find feelings of safety and wellbeing in connection with your body, that you can learn to keep with you.

I am pro-cuddles, a dream maker, and as stated by others, "better than a SPA experience", check my testimonials here.

Ask me what you would like to know.

ABDL Nursery Miss Mummy, UK Nanny

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Me as mummy


Miss Mummy is a real mum who has been into teaching for many years. Mummy has a sense of style and takes good care of herself.

She is highly educated to post-graduate level, well read, studious and with an understanding of the psychology of ABDL individuals.

Mummy knows how to do a regression in a professional way and provides ABDL Nursery Care in the UK.

She is a professional coach and trained in health and safety awareness and mental well-being.

She really cares, and really gets immersed in the experience, Mummy is there for you and will to support you and lead you all the way

Miss Mummy is the Adult Baby Nursery based in Hampshire, UK

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ABDL Nursery  UK, adult babysitter UK, ABDL Nanny UK

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