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Miss Mummy Adult Baby Nursery


I am Miss Mummy, a professional ABDL Mummy in the UK with many years of real experience of it in my personal and professional life.

I babysit for a reduced and exclusive number of babies who want to benefit from an expert adult baby caregiver. I am trained in health and safety, mental health and understand the needs and psychology of those who age regress.

I also provide specialised online services, from emotional suport, giving you advice or coaching you in any of your AB goals, to play sessions that are super fun and tailored to what you need.

You will find no sex or sexual interactions in my services, but check my testimonials, I have a big group of very happy customers and very dear people who get exactly what they need from me.

Scroll down for my ONLINE services, or click here for me IN PERSON sessions.

You may enjoy exploring my web and blog. There is a lot of content here!

I am also sure you will enjoy the Podcast I host together with Comfortably Crinkly. It's called 'The Crinkle Club' and you can listen to it in Spotify.
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