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25 Things you can do in a session

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In this blog piece I will give you a list of activities that you can expect to do with me.

Have you read what are Mummy's red lines?

You might have got an idea by the blog, or read this specific piece, or asked me for my Tc&Cs to be send to your email address.

You may also want to know what is it that you CAN do, so I am making you a little list.

  1. Get a regression (a mild relaxation taking you to the chosen age)

  2. Get dressed with your AB outfit

  3. Get put on a nappy, and boosters if you want

  4. Get Mummy to check if you need a change

  5. Get nappy changes

  6. Get a pacifier

  7. Play with mummy with a variety of toys, from dolls to cubes, plushies, puzzless, etc

  8. Colouring books and stickers

  9. Story time from Mummy's library

  10. Get lunch or a snack

  11. Be bottle fed (milk or juice)

  12. Get Mummy's cuddles

  13. Spend time in your cot

  14. Sing/make music with Mummy

  15. Get Mummy's attention over you and Carer/AB interaction (in the way you are treated)

  16. Get a bath (if you book for three hours)

  17. Bake a cake with Mummy

  18. Receive a baby massage in your tummy after drinking

  19. Have a Teddy Bear picnic at home

  20. Plays with baloons (on appointment)

  21. Get your photos taken (with you own camera)

  22. Get a makeover and transform your face into an animal's face

  23. Go out with Mummy (only for ABs who know me well and are experienced in spending time with me, and therefore feel safe about this, and only on previous appointment)

  24. Get slowly out of baby space

  25. Give Mummy your feedback at the end

This is a non exhaustive list, because it's my experience that sometimes some of you come to me with really creative proposals. I will consider your proposals, and if neccesary create a special budget for the experience you want to create. For example, some months ago someone wanted a Birthday party, and we arranged that there would be birthday decorations, cake candles, presents... it was fantastic, I must say.

I'd love to hear what is it that you enjoy doing the most.

You can tell me in Twitter, at @Miss_Mummy_

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