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Yes, I do have boundaries too!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I want you to understand in what side of the wide mummy spectrum I am. I am here, as an experienced mummy, who has a background in mental health and coaching, and also is non judgemental about what other carers offer. I do know the fetish scene well and I understand all needs. However, D/s is not a part of my services. I can be softer or a more controlling mum, depending on what is it that we want to create together, but all within the framework of a nurturing carer-baby relationship I don´t do diaper humiliation, or humiliate you for being a baby. Not because I am against it, but because is not my niche. Mummies are different to each other, and I have a very clear brand and that is the mummy experience: a motherly experience for the adult. And I stick to my brand, because I believe in what I'm doing, and I'm doing something good for the world.

ABDL nursery Care UK, Miss Mummy

In the same line, I won't have a relationship with you. I have strong professional boundaries. Even if we like each other, I am not your girlfriend or anything similar. I do have a little who is a relationship to me, yes, and that´s all I am going to have in this respect. Besides, would you have a relationship with your dentist? or you physiotherapist? or you piano teacher? No matter how much you like each other or how well you get on and the great conversations you have, there is a professional boundary there, and I am a professional lady. I will care for you, yes, but you have to realise that if you don´t ask your doctor to be your partner, you don´t ask me to be your girlfriend. I'm not anyone's girlfriend. I say this because of some young people out there who want "weekly sessions" to "get to know me better and take it from there". I explain this to them with utter patience and skills. But I thought it would be good to also publish it as a post too.

Mummy has a lot of patience.


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