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I want to see you (and you want to see me)

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You might feel very confident about it, or not so much, but I believe this is an important part of the process before a first session: to meet in person, of if this not possible, to have a conversation, even if it can be brief, online.

I want to see you becasue my sessions require mental and physical preparation on my part, I enjoy caring for you and I take it seriously too. I want to know that I can see myself being your mummy or your babitsitter, and for that the best way is that I see how you move, you talk, you look like and what suits you best.

I want to see you because I want to make sure you are mentally okay, capable of making this decissions for yourself and that you are in an enough good place to feel secure after and during the session. I have training in mental health awareness, and If i had the impression that the session is not the right thing for you and that perhaps you have a different kind of need, I would let you know, to your benefit.

I want to see you for security reasons. I am going to share a lot of intimacy and with you, and we are going to be on our own in a private space. It should not be that I experience you for the first time on the day of the session.

And YOU also want to see me!

You want to see me because you want to make sure that I am presentable and personable,

and that you will feel safe with me. You want to make sure I am the kind of carer you are looking for and you can see that not just for what I write, but also by my body language, my voice, my look. You want to make sure you like me.

You want to make sure you are capable of sharing all that vulnerability with me, and in my experience meeting puts the minds at rest of people who might be a little nervous, so it's a good way to break the ice before your first session.

You want to meet me for security reasons. You want to make sure that you are not given a random address to get to, that I am a real person and not a scammer, so it is in your interest to either meet me in person or get to know more of me before you make a booking.

We want to make we are good for each other.

Let´s make it safely.

PD.- If you find this difficult, have a chat with me about it.


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