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ABDL, Littles and... bullying

For years I have been listening and reading stories on this. Some AB individuals are really happy about it, enjoy it and don't get any issues from others or from themselves, and others have been subject of not just dissaproval but also bullying when people who don't understand it learn that their friend, their acquaitaince or their family member does ABDL practices.

I recently went to a market bringing some pacis with me, and also wanted to offer something for everyone who could be interested. I created a short brochure on ABDL and bullying that you can download from this link bellow.

Bullying PDF ABDL
Download PDF • 2.76MB

The list of resources is only from the UK, so if you are outside UK I am sure you can find analogous resources that can serve you if you happen to be in such appaling situation.

I wish you all well. Stay safe in body and mind.

Miss Mummy

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