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Coming a long way

Every time I tell about abdl to a person who does now know about it, they get quite shocked, the majority of them. Instead of feeling altered by it, I should remember that I once was there too.

Once in time, I heard things quite strange,

ABDL Mommy online sessions

Made me outraged, like feelings rearrange.

Adults playing as babies in the fray,

I couldn't grasp it, didn’t know what to say.

An adult like that? Oh, how absurd,

I didn't like it, my thoughts were stirred.

Confused and shocked, I couldn't see,

Why would you want that? It puzzled me.

I listened but couldn't quite believe,

It made me feel bad, hard to conceive.

Gobsmacked, surprised, no words to convey,

Just a puzzled "whaaat?" in dismay.

I didn't know what to say or feel,

Judgment around, like a heavy wheel.

Then I learned about you, your reasons and needs,

Playfulness, joy and planting new seeds.

ABDL Mommy online

It all felt so different, a change inside,

Embracing you, casting judgments aside.

Understanding grew, empathy too,

For who you are, and for me anew.

Now when others get outraged and shocked,

I say, "I get it, I once was so blocked.

I was there too, one day, you see,

But I've come a long way, and so can we."


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