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How to find a Mummy

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I receive so many messages of this kind

“Hi do you want to be my mummy?”

that I have decided to make a post on how you can find a mummy because I can see this is very much on the mind of so many of you.

First of all forget of finding a mummy by going to a random stranger in social media and saying to them “Hi would you be my mummy?”. A mummy/little relationship is a relationship and therefore you have to establish it first, and you have to know the other person and know the other person is interested on you. “Hi would you be my mummy” is not going to make you succeed in any possible way.

If what you would like is a mummy that is at the same time a relationship, consider what type of of relationship you want. Would you like this woman to also be your girlfriend or your partner? You need to be very specific on what you want and what you need. Sit down and write about it.

Have into consideration your relationship status. Maybe you are married and you could only have a mummy aside of your marriage (hopefully with consent of your wife). Perhaps you just want to see someone when it's possible. Or you want a relationship that is strictly mummy/little. Perhaps you only want it online. Give this a thought.

Consider how much energy you are willing to put to find a mummy and to keep the relationship going. I can´t emphazise this enough. Do you want the mummy to be engaged with you and happy and satisfied? Consider what is it that YOU have to offer to that mummy.

Have in mind that they are not so many mummies out there compared with little ones and you will have to stand out in order to to grab her attention. A random greeting, or what is worse, a random demand is not going to grab the attention of a mummy online who is probably receiving dozens of presentations and requests everyday. Think what is it that you have to offer to the relationship.

I am being realistic. If you just want to see her occasionally but receive a lot from her you probably never gonna find that selfless creature ready to mummy you at your beck and call. You probably going to be better off with that with a professional service of a good babysitter.

Whenever you find a mummy online talk normally to her, try to be her friend of the mummy, be interesting to her and try to engage her. You want her to be looking forward to see you again!

I understand that because of the disproportion between littles and Mummies, this might also not be the easiest, which takes me to the next step.

Find a really nice and loving and caring woman, find the partner first, even if she is not into ABDL. Try to find an open minded person as partner, and tell her about your needs.

I am sure she might be more inclined to give it a go at Mummy, and you will have found your Mummy! Care for her for real, improve her life, be an asset for her, not a burden.

I hope this will take you to your mummy.


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