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My initiation as a Mummy

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

"You are, whaaaat?" I asked.

"I am a little", said him.

"A little?"

I was baffled!

The young man was sitting in front of me and getting closer not to shout his words, as there were people around. I was expecting he was going to say he was "a little bit" something, not just "a little". I had never heard about littles or ABDL at all. But I was already in a kind of friendship/relationship with him, and more than anything, I was curious about what that was.

"Does it mean you have looked for me in order for me to do this with you?, to be your Mummy?" I must admit I got slightly worried here.

"No, it doesn't." he replied, to then add, "Well, only if you want, but I am just letting you know, so you get to know me better"

The lack of pressure and expectations together with the bonds that had been created between us made me want to know more about it, but it took us some months before we decided to get together him as a baby, me as a Mummy, and prior to that, there was another meeting at his place where I just got to see his outfits and toys.

When it finally happened for the first time, I did not imagine that beyond the play, the costume, the nappies... there were a lot of hidden treasures, there was the amount of vulnerability that was deposited in my hands, for me to hold, there was the deep trust from this young man who decided he should really make himself be known by me up to the most intimate part of his being.

I received this vulnerability and openness with open arms, and not just held him during the duration of that encounter (and many more to come) but would have held the world for him if necessary, so that it did not fall over his head in shame when he remembered how small and needy he made himself to me, the morning after.

I don't think I would have ever been an ABDL Mummy without having a previous bond with my little one as a person because it was not out of me having a thing for putting people in diapers that I started, but out of love and appreciation for someone who was trusting me something that mattered to them.

Every Mummy has a start, and I have been often asked about mine. When I stepped forward to it, I adapted myself to a totally new situation, put aside prejudice, and explored with someone that mattered to me.

It took years before I then launched as Miss Mummy, giving structure to what I had learned and understood, and making it available to those of you who get their dreams turned into reality in my sessions.


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