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What kind of mummy am I?

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

I´m not into having babies around loud TV, or horrible music. I took my child to a Rudolf Steiner School, and understand that a baby experience, same as Steiner's concept of what education should be, is not just a physical one, but an emotional and meaningful one. One could call it spiritual if that is how you are, or you can call it meaningful if you are not spiritual.

So when I am with you, I am present in body and mind, I put my attention in every detail about you, and let myself get immersed in the flow of our interaction.

I prefer wooden toys although I do have plastic toys too, and I aim to provide an experience for all senses, the touch of fleece and soft plushies, the smell of baby cologne, the sight or coordinated soft colours, baby music that is actually nice and doesn´t hurt my (or your) ears and milk or juices to drink in a bottle.

I curate the experience as someone who understands adult babies and also is a creative artist.

Not for everybody, I don´t intend to be for everyone.

But if your sensitivity resonates with mine, then we are for each other.


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