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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


I know that sometimes you are so relaxed and comfortable that you don't want to come out this space. You would not want to have to get dressed into less comfy adult clothes, and have all your adult duties and responsibilities. You rather stay in this space of freedom. Then you get dressed, get back to your usual adult demeanor, and continue your day. Some of you resent this and I have been reported anxiety and discomfort until you can be small again. The good news are: you can use it ALL. You can use all the freedom in your movements (that I have witnessed after a deep regression many times), in your voice, all that curiosity, or relaxation, all those good feelings you found in little space... and keep them back with you, and make them part of you, blend with them to make you whole.

I understand this might require some practice, but think about this: whatever you do that comes out of you, it's also you. There is no need to split yourself and not lighten the adult in you. There is absolutely no reason not to be playful, curious, or hopeful. I see that spark on you when you play with a toy, that spark when you get a whole bath full of bubbles, that bright in your eyes... is actually you! It doesn't have an age. It's pure you, you can keep that flame inside yourself.

I know this because I keep mine (one day I might tell you how). Those who know me know that I do lighten up with you, follow you, put my attention on you and vibrate with you as we interact.

I believe it can be done, and that is my line of thought and work. Instead of separation between "adult time" and "little time", I advocate for integration, because everything that you feel and everything you want is there for a reason, and desire wants to be validated. So grab your inner child, take them to play and keep with you all the good feelings that this elicits.

You may feel a lot of safety when in little space, and can take that feeling of safety back with you and make it a part of you when you are not in that space. Or the playfulness, or anything you might discover that is of use to you. Just imagine that every time you go to little space you are opening a room with a lot of gadgets in it. Some are no longer of use to you, but you may occasionally find treasures that you had forgotten there and you want to take back with you.

If you need a little help to do this job... you know where I am.


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