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Your body and feelings

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

There is something about the way I work that I have given it thought for a long time. Embodiment and sense of freedom are important features in my sessions. ,As sessions have been happening, I acknowledge that a majority of AB who session with the method and structure that I have designed for them, experience relaxation, feeling more at ease and trust. They report a reduction in stress levels once they have been adjusted to being playing with me, and less feelings of worry.

As a result of this, the sensations they feel in their bodies (supported by the relaxation and regression that we do) have some potential to transform challenging emotions and stress that make the body contract. If you observe a healthy happy baby or toddler you will see how their bodies emanate a sense of freedom and non judgemental manner. Connecting with your own body in this way can take some time for some people, specially because trust in the care giver needs to be developed, but when you receive a purposeful AB session done with the care and attention that is put into you and your needs, there is a potential for emotional movement in you. You can expect to discover aspects of yourself, re-encounter feelings and sensations almost forgotten, and even go through changes in the following days.

Allow yourself time to process the session, and know that I am always very happy to receive your feedback. When the session is finished, I allow you time to put yourself together and make sure you have a smooth transition.

Aim to keep every lovely feeling and freedom and relaxation sensation with you when you come out of the session, so you make the most of it during and in the days to come.


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