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Miss Mummy and love. -Am I Miss Mummy?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

My dear all, here are some Valentine's reflections for you all.

I have been asked how much "Miss Mummy" I am.

And I find it a very good question. As someone who gives 120% of herself during all her sessions (and for that reason I aim to never deliver more sessions of what I feel its appropriate for me) I have numerous times received feedback such as "I can feel you are really there with me", "You are not pretending", "You are really caring for me".

This is true.

It means I am present and following you during the entirety of the session and with my full attention over you. And that some characteristics of Miss Mummy are part of me, not something I need to fabricate: I am caring, I am intuitive, I like to see how you relax and how you flourish, I am supportive and also have a sense of humour and happiness and joy of life. It is when I feel that joy when I can communicate it, and others really feel what I am feeling as much as I feel with them and aim to see the world through their eyes.

Those are characteristics of myself.

However, there are other parts of myself that are not part of the experience, and I keep to myself. As a result, I can say that Miss Mummy is a part of me, but is not ALL I am in my daily life, like if there was a sound mixer and with the same parameters of my personality, when I am caring for you I enhance some aspects and reduce other sides of me. It's a different version of myself.

When I am not delivering this very unique type of regressions, there are things I would never do in my normal daily life. I can be supportive, but I would never be telling others what to do (in the way you must do with a small child), I would not be "mumming" people, and there are probably more people in the world who are more a "Mummy" in their daily life than me. I draw the line between my personal relationships and everyday life and my professional life.

If I ever in the past could have had some "mummy" tendencies in my socialisation, I can say Miss Mummy has made me leave them behind a hundred per cent. I only "mummy" those with whom we have made an agreement first. I embody and enhance that protective side of me, I become a channel for joy and acceptance, as a way to deliver the therapeutic experience you are looking for (that we later discuss). Over the years I have experienced stories of personal transformation and a lot of other benefits of regression that I did not anticipated would happen when I started into this profession. But again, I cannot say that I "am" Miss Mummy, but that Miss Mummy is real, as a side of me.

I won't patronise or give unsolicited protection to my friends, my parents, my colleagues or my partners. But as "Mummy" and after we have communicated a lot, I will behave differently to the way I behave in my daily life. The way I dress and characterize myself as Miss Mummy is also something I use for me to send that message very clearly to myself and notice that difference between when I am delivering what I consider to be an arts and health therapeutic product and when I am not. When my pink hair is off... I also want to receive and won't treat anyone as my children. I actually make this clear at the end of our sessions, when you give me your feedback and it is obvious that we are now out of that convention that the session has been and we are having a conversation between adults.

For this and many other reasons, Miss Mummy cannot have a relationship with anyone other than a therapeutic one. First, it would be deeply unprofessional to do so, but secondly one cannot have a relationship with some aspects of someone and not the full and complete person. I have explained before how I was introduced to ABDL, and it was through a relationship. At first, I found it all very confusing and a bit worrying. But this relationship was with my entire person, "Miss Mummy" had not been born yet. Although Miss Mummy channels universal love and acceptance, like a shaman gets their outfits and ceremonial paintings to connect with what they believe to be 'spirit helpers'. Miss Mummy will never have a personal/romantic relationship with anyone. Ever. Only the woman who embodies Miss Mummy does.

What Miss Mummy knows very well is that love can be felt inside, we don't need to find it always outside as a reference. We can feel it in many ways: love for our work, for the people around us, for our family, for our pets, for beauty. We can demonstrate it to those we care for, we can give it to those who want it and we want, and we can stay in it. I many times feel a kind of love inside that does not focus in anything or anyone, it's a feeling of warmth inside. Sometimes it even makes my spine tingle and then I know I have so much love inside. There is so much to feel love for! Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives, and feeling love growing in you, is a kind of blossoming joy. Miss Mummy undoubtedly loves what she does, and hence puts the dedication and care into it, lead by her drive for beauty and compassion.

It's all different manifestations of love.

Happy Valentine's.


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