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Dealing with Guilt and Shame in the AB person

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Miss Mummy opened to the public in a difficult time, during the 2020 pandemic. It started as sessions in person and then had to close for every lockdown.

In this period of the winter of 2020, I tried to keep in touch by having many conversations with many of you, keeping my Twitter presence and organizing weekly challenges and games, and I volunteered this work to keep morale in hard times and present something that could be fun for many of my Twitter followers. With time and more conversations, I realized that to keep morale more is needed, and this is when I opened my emotional support for ABs.

I am trained to be able to provide this, and apart from training as mentor and coach, mental health awareness and other skills, an understanding of ABDL was blended in what I already had and am used to exercising.

Little did I know that this would grow and that I would be as deeply thrilled and satisfied as I am to be honoured with the trust of those who have counted with me to support them in their particular journeys. Dealing with the feeling of being chronologically big and wanting to be little is not easy for everybody. Some sink into it very easily, but I have seen a lot of guilt and a lot of shame.

When I give emotional support as Miss Mummy, I don't have an agenda. I don't try to push you to be more a baby or stop doing it. I listen to how you feel and to what it is that you really want, and my attempt is to support what your desire is, hold space for you and if needed, provide you with activities that you can do on your own that can be useful to develop your sense of self-validation that in many cases is being questioned by others or by yourself, so that you come out more calmed about your own desires and feelings in order to better deal with them.

I have seen grief, sadness, guilt and shame in you. But also self-care, validation and ultimately, joy.

I don't find enough words or the right ones to express my gratitude for being able to support in this and being able to give the best I really can in this journey. And I could not ever imagine how much this would grow in me and how much it matters to me today to support others who feel inadequate or embarrassed at times for their special feelings and desires. You are all brave to face and discuss your wishes and worries and I feel honoured that you decided to trust me in this.

I can just add I will continue to grow in this and learn from you, with you and for you. Miss Mummy emotional support will continue this journey with or without the pandemic. Because we can.


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