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Is Regression Escapism?

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

In short: it can be, and it can not be.

I know that for many, regression is getting into a mental space where you forget all your troubles and worries and delegate all responsibilities, as a contrast to what your daily life is. You spend that time as you could be in the SPA, relax, and later go back to your very busy lifes.

But here is one thought. You can go to that mental space and body space, and get those amazing body memories, and the same way I see your relaxed faces after a session, aim to remember in your body how it feels to get that sense of freedom in your body, so you can recall it more times during your week or day.

This might require a bit of practice, but over time you might be able to bring back those bodily memories without the need to wear any specific clothing or to have any specific items with you. Bring back that sense of safety to your body, even if for short periods initially, and over time bled it and make freedom yours.

It's a lot about letting go, and not being bothered if it does not happen overnight. Embrace your body feelings and notice who you are, what your needs are and how you are in this moment.

Allow things to happen. Breath like a baby.

We all should.


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