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Verbal or non-verbal as an ABDL regressor

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

I got loads of feedback on baby speech, particularly on the fact that some of you doubt if you should speak at all or not.

Some have asked me what is it that I expect you to do. Or expressed doubts about being verbal or not verbal.

My take is that during a session you can be fluid, and just go with how you feel. I don't try to make you do or not do anything in particular, and when we do your regression I can take you in your mind to your preferred age (this tends to be 1-2 years old), but this does not mean that you have to show every characteristic of the speech of a toddler, or modify your voice at all.

You may feel that you don't want to speak, and later decide that you are playing a game

ABDL nursery Care UK, Miss Mummy

that requires you to speak, and you rather speak. Please feel free to do it. My role is going to be to support you to it, either if you are in a pre-verbal state in your mind, or if you are verbal, if you change your voice, and also if you don't. All can be felt as natural, and fluctuating between the two can also be a part of your playfulness and exploration.

It is freedom that your sessions with me are about. Freedom to speak, and to not speak. Freedom to move, dance, and be playful, or to decide you rather relax and cuddle. I will be holding you in that space of what you actually need.

So just please, the only time where I actually need you to speak to me as an adult is during your pre-booking interview and booking process ;)

Do you speak or not when you are in baby mode? And if you speak, what kind of speech is that?


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