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My Silent Babies - The Silent ABDL session

During my sessions, both online and in person, there are ABs who are really playful and chatty. There are others who fluctuate between being chatty and not chatty, and even between having a 'normal' conversation that is not any kind of baby language, just more like a conversation between adults. And there are also silent 'babies'.

Silent ABDL babies tend to be the most sensitive ones. Is not like they 'don't know' what to say, but that they choose to say nothing. Easy to do if they don't feel uncomfortable about silence, but if they want to be silent and there was any hint of discomfort, pacis will operate as miraculous support.

And we can go beyond: there have been sessions where the silence is comfortable and special and even Mummy gets immersed in it. And we can even suppress the music, and listen to the silence in full.

For how long have you ever managed to be in silence with someone, no need to say anything at all, and be able to either play or be calm together?

ABDL Nany, Miss Mummy, online and in person

There is a point in friendships when one moves from always being engaged in a conversation to the point where both friends are comfortably silent. That has happened to me often while driving, as I find my copilot going silent, and none of us in need to say anything at all for a long while. Then I feel my friend is even more my friend. It's a unifying silence, a peaceful one that moves us closer. At last we are comfortable in that silence!

ABDL in silence, an experience to be lived

Delivering silence and taking in silence from someone that sometimes is the first time you meet in person, can be an intense experience. But with 'silent babies' I have learnt to hold to that silence, observe the little one in front of me, beside me, around me... allow it to last for as long as it feels, and engage in it's magic.

My silent baby.


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