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On Having Fun as an ABDL

Having fun. Following what your body feels is good for you and rejoicing in the pleasure of just being, is patrimony of a toddler or a baby.

And it's good for all of us, no matter our chronological age. It feels good, and that is important. And fun feels good.

A very big part of what I do is about feeling good, because it helps us to have a more balanced nervous system, and come from a place where we are more balanced too and then it can make everything feel easier.

Discovering your own freedom of choice to be in little space and be able to make that decision and have fun with it is so powerful. Maybe you live with a lot of obligations and pressures, so getting into a space where you allow yourself to feel how you feel and be playful is far from frivolous: is something very deep and can help you connect with that part of you that lights up!

And lightening up and feeling how much life is worth, experiencing the joy, playfulness and gratitude is a big thing.


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