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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

By Miss Mummy - Burnham

Welcome to the Internet

have a look around

anything that brain of ours can think of can be found.

We’ve got mountains of content

on A-B-D-L

if you don’t know what’s that, just Google, my belle.

Welcome to the Internet

Google “A” with “B”,

would you like to see a Mummy or the plushies at my feet?

There’s no need to panic,

you can simply block,

you don’t have to watch it if it gives you a shock.

Welcome to the Internet

have a little squeak,

would you like to have a bubble bath with duckies at your feet,

we’ve got pacis, and onesies,

and bottles and bibs,

and those funny little harnesses that tie round your ribs.

Welcome to the party

have a look around

and you don’t have to worry for the content that you’ve found

‘cause we’re adults, we’re grown ups,

"I love wearing my dress!

Just taking some time off, ‘cause life is a stress!!!"

Welcome to the internet,

have a look around,

we’ve got pacis, we’ve got plushies,

we’ve got... sterilizing machines for all those things!


(Adapted from Bo Burnham's 'Welcome to the Internet', all credits to his amazing song)


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