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Pro Mummy or Mummy as a relationship?

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

I was recently having an animated conversation on ABDL mummies with a very nice little that I met in here, and it came to the topic of the fact if one who offers it as a professional service would end up doing it with no passion or love for it. In the understanding that every mummy is different, I can understand his statement. How similar or different is it when its a little one of your own, or someone who has booked you for three hours?

To me the answer is very straight forward. If I didn´t have an understanding and taste for it, I wouldn´t be doing it, there are many other things I can do. However, for me is not one more specially I offer as a dominant woman, but the only one I offer. And my level of dedication and attention to you is comparable to those in many other professions. Would you say a babysitter doesn´t like children or does not care for them? There might be some, but majoritarily they would do. The same was a teacher would care for her students, or a doctor for her patients, even if they are paid.

This is is not just about performing a series of actions, its also about caring: it´s an art. And I care about what I do. For this reason I am determined never to do too many sessions, but few sessions where I can concentrate and put my energy where it matters: on you.

So, I invite you to understand that not because it´s offered as a service it can be done with less dedication.

I am right now listening to Mezzo Soprano Naomi O’Connell sing songs by Rossini. She is lively a and passionate, sings with full commitment and elegance. And she is paid for. It´s her art. And mine in this case is reading your body language, discriminating what actions are going to work best, going with your movements and everything I perceive from you, and deliver an intimate experience of little space. Hopefully and inspiring one.


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