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Q&A to Mummy!

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Q. Do you think that baby talk in AB role play is a subject of community ostracism? Why people are role playing as a babies, but very rarely they decide to use adequate baby talk? Do they think it's weird or creepy? Why if they are adults dressed as a babies? Strange already.(Sissy Baby Kingusia)

A. I would ask what does “community ostracism” means for AB. That they block you in social media? How do they know one baby talks? Is there a space where babies mix in person and ostracize someone because that one baby talks? You mean in forums? This is an experience that from my end I don't get and perhaps would only be susceptible of getting if I had a baby account, so it’s hard for me to relate to it.

If you mean baby talking in writing as a way to RP, I personally find it very difficult to understand, perhaps I lack the phonetic imagination to understand what they are saying, but this changes in person.

In my sessions I mostly get babies doing baby talk, but in the majority of the cases is not something they do from the start because people tend to come a little bit shy and starting to baby talk from minute one is not the easiest, for most it requires being in that headspace to be able to do it.

Because I work with regression, I can tell that once I have put the baby in the right mood and clothing and head-space and start interacting in a particular way, it does happen that it comes out naturally, so yes, in most cases is not that people don’t want is that they can feel too self conscious and self-judgamental to do such a thing or don’t really know how to do it, but with a little help and a lot of trust it can and it does happen naturally.

I don’t think it’s creepy at all, and when it happens It can be very liberating for the baby who is doing it, taking you to a non-verbal or pre-verbal state of mind.

However, no matter how much I support baby talk, it is for the session, I don't allow baby talk is during a booking process! I wouldn't understand a thing!

Q. In your own experience roughly what percentage of male littles like to play as sissies rather than baby boys? Also would you agree that sissies in general tend to be more likely to want to incorporate an element of humiliation into their play?(kiki)

Drawing by Iqqlessissybabee
Drawing by Iqqlessissybabee

In my personal experience, I would say one third of the littles that come to me want to be baby girls. I think there is a clear difference between “baby girl” and “sissy”, as “sissy” would mean more like an more stereotyped kind of baby girl and would normally be more related to the world of kink, and this is probably why I don’t get that many sissies and I get more baby girls, but I am happy to receive sissy babies as far as the expectations are clear.

Yes, I agree that a sissy can be more likely to want to incorporate some elements of humiliation because it overlaps with the fetish world, than a generic baby boy or baby girl, although definitions overlap and for some people a “sissy” in the ABDL would be simply a man who likes to play as a baby girl. However, I find the difference between “baby girl” (more conforming aesthetically with what a real baby girl could be) and a “sissy baby” (persistent use pink, lace, satin and adornments that real baby girls in this time wouldn't use unless they are playing the Disney Princess, of course).

Do you spank your abs otk (Terrynappy baby)

No, I don’t provide bdsm services. I am not against it, but my brand is very clear: I provide bespoke and very flexible personalised care for adult babies that does not include sex or bdsm. Can they get the odd pat over the nappy if they are very naughty? In a playful way, yes, but I don’t mix humiliation or corporal punishment with my way of caring for an adult baby. Do I accept they find it sexual and get excited? yes, I can understand it can happen and we shall have a conversation about this beforehand, and how we will deal with it. But I don't engage in bdsm with a baby or have sex with him/her.

It is a different audience. Just think that part of the adult babies do it because they find it great fun and a new thing to explore, whilst for others is a need; some live it with happiness and others with guilt; for some is sexual, and for others is not sexual (and they wouldn’t like to mix it with any kind of sex); that for some it’s a coping mechanism, and for others it’s a way to enjoy relaxing in their free time. The good thing is that there are many different kind of mummies and we can all cater for different needs and types of babies. Some have the need to be cared for, comforted and to play with someone and feel free to disclose as much vulnerability they want and feel they will be held and not judged. I am a professional of supporting people and an empathetic personality. They can have transformative experiences and feel validated in a way they had not experienced before, and I provide a safe space for this experiences.

Other babies are more related to the fetish world and have a desire to be humiliated and punished. I recommend people to read well through the websites and ask questions to the Mummies so you are clear what are you getting into before making any bookings. This is also one of the reasons why I want to have an assessment meeting before a first session, to make sure that both parts feel that they are good for each other and expectations and boundaries are clear. That is why I have almost a 100% of returning customers.

So yes, babies are diverse and Mummies are diverse. I don’t cater for everyone and I am more fond of having a few nice regular clients who benefit of the type of energy and dedication I put into it rather than to have a wide rage of people coming and having to adapt to all of them. Do they try to bend my boundaries? Yes! but I know exactly what to do about it, I am a well trained Mummy.


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