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A place to call Mum

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I have been numerous times told that I am a safe space, and that you feel comfortable in my presence. That I do listen to you and that you feel embraced and accepted.

Is this due to my personality?

Partly yes, but that is not all what it is. Mummy works and puts care in working in herself and her energy, that means her presence and the way she feels in her body, specially in her body as a woman, and therefore as a mum (no matter if having real children or not, as a body who is prepared to have children).

This means that Mummy is invested in practicing awareness of herself, working on her body and her embodiment, which give her access to becoming a person of warmth, sensuality and presence. Mummy is in contact with her emotions, connected to her femininity and ready to listen to you, observe your movements and flow with you in a baby/mummy session. This is the work of a lifetime and has been fed not just by reading but also by practicing dance, yoga, voice training, presence training, meditation, music, improvisation, and having received psychotherapy, rolfing and numerous massages. All this baggage helps configure what Miss Mummy is now.

Adult Baby Nursery Online

I am always a work in progress.

And as Winter is here and we cannot meet due to COVID restrictions, I continue to get myself to my best possible place, so when you come I am at my best of my capacities, connected, present, and ready to put my attention you you.


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