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Four Generations of ABDL Babies

I have seen enough people to be able to say I have dealt with four generations of babies. That sounds like the voice of a very experienced matron, but I actually assist all four generations in the same time of my life, isn't that incredible?

Don't take this serious, because it's a joke and there are tones of exceptions to this. However, I made a little summary of what are supposed to be characteristics from each of the generations and how this would apply to the ABDLs I have met in my life. This does not always apply, but it was fun to write! See what applies and what does not.

Baby Boomers

(Born approximately between 1946 and 1964)

ABDL from baby boomer generation

Then value stability and tend to keep the same Mummy once they found her. Mummy is like the dentist, once you found one that 'works' for you, why even going to another.

They prefer Face-to-Face Communication and are not very IT savy. They tend to get more confused in Zoom when I ask them for an interview on Zoom, or they install it for the first time to talk with me.

In occasions there could be a comorbidity to their love for diapers, but most of them have wanted them since an early age. They have more concerns about privacy and stigma. It's normal, there was a lot of secrecy before the internet arrived, and it was really hard for them to get access to any ABDL items or information. I heard about magazines one had to order! They had the bravery of keeping searching for their desires when it was complicated to find support for it, taking big risks socially and at a personal level. Sometimes they miss somebody who is not there anymore, and there is a need to feel safety in the arms of another, and sometimes they experience a great sense of freedom and after adult children left home and they retired, they feel they can do again all they want and find it very liberating.

I yet have to meet an ABDL woman from this generation.

Generation X

(Born approximately between 1965 and 1980)

ABDL Generation X

Generation X are independent and resourceful. Our Zoom sessions and conversations are mostly at home and they can have them with less worries. Many of them keen on online.

They have still gone through significant worry about stigma, and many times they would go for something online rather than in person. And they are more keen in one to one sessions than group activities (I don't organise group activities, by the way).

Generation X has experienced high levels of stress and anxiety due to factors such as economic uncertainty, competitive job markets. They very often come to me because of stress, or they start talking to me about them being ABDL but stress comes very early into the discussion. A majority of ABDLs who come to me and express their explicit desire of just wanting to be held and "do nothing" are Generation X.

This generation has been often called "the forgotten middle child". And now they have the chance to be the only child! The cherished and much spoiled only child.


(Born approximately between 1981 and 1996)

ABDL Millenials

Millenials value flexibility and experiences. I wouldn't be surprised that a partner of a Millenial would give them a voucher to come to see me for their birthday.

They value feedback and affirmation, and they tend to be comunicative with the Mummy. Many of their AB conversations with me take place in the car. Not sure why (yes, I know why).

They tend to be more open in general about their AB desires, and tend to see their activities more as part of self care. They are also stressed, but tend to see things in a different way and try to make time for themselves.

But I think the advocado thing is a myth: nobody has yet asked me for advocado in their puree!

They appreciate participation stickers, and recognition in general, like when I organised a photo competition three years ago and gave away some diplomas! I am now considering ordering participation stickers, at the proposal of a Millenial :) But I am not critisizing this! My very first one, my original little, Miss Mummy's AB baby number 0, and the one who baptised me as "Miss Mummy", is a Millenial.

Generation Z

(Born approximately between 1997 and 2012)

These true Digital Natives will try to talk to me from anwhere they could possibly be, including outdoors, and walking at the same time.

They value Authenticity and Transparency, and many times visiting a Mummy is an experience in their bucket list, something they want to give a go, altough they don't necesarily think in terms of how much they need it or not. If the experience is available to them, they might go for it and then decide later.

Generation Z are in general more open about discussing mental health issues and seeking help than previous generations and they are also happier to discuss with their carers anything that crosses their minds. They can be very proactive, and if they want a session they tend to want it ASAP, but but they can also cancel on you at short notice if they found a potential partner a few days before, or for any other reason. This generation is not in vain humorously noted for their readiness to "cancel" anything and anyone that doesn't align with current values or that they find problematic.

Many of them very rightly worry about the use of non bio degradable nappies. I also think often about that. We need solutions to this.

They mostly find it hard to have online sessions, as there are often flatmates around and other people (another reason from speaking from anywhere else but their rooms).


And this is my generation reflection. Of course, take this with a pinch of salt, and a lot of humour. I see there could be some patterns for what I have experienced, but this is not science proven, just some ideas together, for your amusement today. Do you have any of these traits and tendencies?

What I can say about generations, is that I am proud to have assisted four generations of adult babies. They came to me in their 20s, and in their 70s. From all of them I have learnt something, with all of them I have enjoed many things.

We are a timeless community.


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