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Finding joy in simple pleasures

Since I opened my practice, more people who have very busy lives have not only enjoyed their time and relaxed in it, but also learnt to enjoy more simple pleasures of life, and value the dedication and intention of these sessions.

Miss Mummy ABDL and the simple things in life

The pleasure of putting some blocks together, the enjoyment on having a warm bottle of milk, loosing yourself in a hug, exploring textures and playing with soft plush toys. Having a nap or listening to a story as if it was the very first time. This awakens that part of them that is capable of reducing the complexities of every day and embrace a not so forgotten estate of being, where not just being in a little space counts, but also something that goes beyond that: the delight of simple things.

How their faces shine with rejuvenating joy when we make animal sounds together or when I ask them on a camera session to show me their toys.

Something one can continue applying in the rest of their day, their week, their month... I aim for long term results, to be able to communicate with you in a very direct way and make you understand in your body and your emotions, that pleasures can be simpler, in a complex world.

I believe we would have a better world with more people enjoying simple things, beautiful things, the things that really matter.


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