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Confessions of a Cuddling Freak

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Yes, I do enjoy cuddling. A lot. Of course, I do enjoy cuddling people I choose to cuddle, and that is why I won't cuddle anyone. I will cuddle a lot those whom I am happy to receive, and for this reason I rather meet you first.

My cuddling is not just putting my arms around you. I make intense eye contact with my babies, I caress them and I make them feel I am totally there for them in such intense moment. Because that I what I feel myself, and I bring myself to the point of really caring and looking to make that contact.

Everybody deserves love and cuddles. But not everybody can always make intense contact with anyone, so if you are visiting me that means I believe I can get to make that point of contact with you, based on my experience and skills.

That is why I rather make some social contact first; I want to make sure that I can deliver that experience, and I will only know if I meet you first.

That is why I am getting the amazing feedback I am getting.

I am real. And I do care.


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